Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.

–Richard Bach

Relieving Stress

Oasis Orb offers a place to centre ourselves in nature, right in the middle of our busy lives.

Oasis Orb: The Ultimate Stress Relief

Life is busier than ever before, with technology, harried schedules and the hustle of city life. It’s exciting, it’s riveting and it’s… stressful. Over half the earth’s population are now die-hard city dwellers, and it’s no wonder! City living has so much to offer, so much diversity, so many options to explore.

But as with every great thing, there is much to be said for cultivating balance.

So how are we doing with that?

People living in cities have a 39% increased chance of developing a mood disorder. As well as a 21% higher risk of mood disorder. Given that our cities will house over 66% of the global population by the year 2050, we must take action.

So what’s the answer? Nature, of course! Most of us don’t need a study to tell us that connecting with nature alleviates stress and makes us feel great. Yet the studies are out there, nonetheless.

That’s where Oasis Orb comes in; we’re cultivating an oasis of nature right in the middle of the city.

Nature and Social Connection

Connecting with friends is so important to our mental health. Our friendships make us feel loved and supported, they help us feel less alone in the world. Sharing with good friends has profound effects on our physical health. It can lower pulse and blood pressure as well as the risk of heart disease.

Social interaction is also proven to decrease our risk of mental health issues.

Oasis Orb nurtures authentic social connection. Filled with aromatic herbs and gorgeous colours, the Orb is an ideal place to kick back with a friend in nature.


Nature and the Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind is an all-too-familiar state for many of us. It’s the chaos and confusion caused by over stimulation. It’s the stress that makes it difficult to settle the mind and connect with our inner selves.

Spending quiet time in the Orb gives us an opportunity to relax and let go of our hectic world for a time.

It allows us the opportunity to bask in the beauty of nature while we reflect on our lives. So few of us take the time to examine who we are and areas of our lives that no longer serve us.

Taking time out to allow nature to permeate our consciousness can calm the Monkey Mind. It can help us weed our internal garden.

It can help us to cultivate stillness and assess the direction we’re taking. Are we moving closer to our goals or are we becoming lost in a sea of meaningless activity?

With Oasis Orb you can ditch the to-do list and connect with your inner wisdom. You can find the strength and clarity to solve deep and stressful problems in all areas of life.

The Orb creates an opportunity to align ourselves with our goals and dreams. It helps us to clarify our inner vision and inspire the action we need to take to create our ideal lives.

Oasis Orb offers a place to centre ourselves in nature, right in the middle of our busy city lives.

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