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Corporate Consciousness: Discover the benefits of catering to employee mental health

Employee Mental Health: The Benefits for Businesses

There was a time when employee mental health wasn’t considered a relevant issue for many businesses. Yet there is now a growing trend toward corporate consciousness when it comes to employee balance. What does that mean? It means more and more companies are empowering employees to manage stress. And safeguard against mental health issues.

Why the change?

Quite simply, promoting mental health can go a long way toward enhancing employee performance. Which benefits the organization at large.

According to Statistics Canada, how employees perceive their stress at work is important. Those who view their time at work as very stressful are over three times more likely to experience a significant mental health issue.

As such, many companies find that the costs of prevention are far lower than dealing with the financial consequences of stress leave and/or mental illness.

Over the years, research has consistently backed this up. Organizations that promote balance for their workers reap a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Promoting Employee Mental Health

So how does investing in employee mental health pay off? There are a variety of ways that companies benefit, including:

  • Decreased sick and/or disability costs
  • Higher employee retention and lower attrition costs
  • Increased on-the-job productivity and quality of work
  • Lower incidences of workplace accidents
  • Much lower medical costs
  • Stronger employee culture and team interaction

It only makes sense; when employees are happy, they’re motivated. They’re focused, engaged, and loyal.

As a result, they’re putting forth their best effort at work. And that’s sure to benefit any organization. So much so that many companies have begun viewing the health and balance of their workers as a business advantage.

Promoting Employee Health

Employees spend a lot of their lives at work. Which makes the workplace an ideal place for improving mental health. So, what can an organization do to help keep employees feeling balanced?

Providing strong benefits and counseling or education around mental health is a good start. Adopting an open, supportive culture is also wise.

There are many ways to help employees manage stress, and Oasis Orb can help.

At Oasis Orb, we’re dedicated to providing a holistic approach to stress relief for employees. We offer a tranquil space for employees to tend to their stress in a healthy, effective way.

Oasis Orb at Work

We believe in the power of meditative cultivation to ease employee stress. Relieving stress also helps improve focus, clarity and mental performance. Our Orb allows employees to bring nature indoors. It allows them to enhance both their workspace and team dynamics by tending to a community garden.

Studies have shown that gardening boosts mental health and soothes anxiety. And plants have been proven to increase productivity and creativity. Certain plants help make memory better. Still, others promote positive emotion through the effects of colour on the brain.

Gardens also help to forge a communal spirit in the workplace. Shared space encourages coworkers of diverse backgrounds to share in the experience of tending the garden. This sharing enables a feeling of connection and in-depth communication. It makes team members more mindful and helps them create stronger bonds. This, in turn, builds a constructive dynamic. Which leads to a more positive and productive workspace.

The Oasis Orb can also be a great location to host business meetings for 2 – 4 people. When you change your environment you can shift your perspective. Sometimes a small shift in perspective is all that is needed to find solutions.

So if you’re looking for ways to benefit your business by promoting employee mental health and a balanced work environment, we’d love to chat.

Contact the Oasis Orb team today to find out how bringing nature indoors can add a whole new dimension of success to your business!

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