Urban Gardening

Surrounded by a concrete jungle?

Do you leave in the morning and come home at night never feeling like you have touched nature? Has it been forever since you enjoyed the smell of fresh earth? Are you feeling like life’s pace just keeps getting faster and faster? Do you yearn for more hands on with your food? 

City living is awesome! But there are some limitations. The hussle and bussle can be draining. And, whether you live in an apartment or a detached home space is always at a shortage when city living. 

Now might be the time for you to take a look at an Oasis Orb! An 8 foot relaxation and gardening space designed for your peace and good health.

A personal sanctuary 

Walk into the Oasis Orb and relax, chat with a friend, meditate or garden to your heart’s content. In a mere moment, it gives you the ability to immerse yourself in nature where you can enjoy the beautiful sights, scents and sounds.

Occupying an area of only 50 square feet, the Oasis Orb structure provides up to 115 square feet of growing space and covers a ground footprint of only 13 square feet. It can be customized to suit your space with your preferred paint colours and plant choices.


Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

—Helen Keller


Studies have shown that communities benefit for joint garden programs. Community Gardening has proven to reduce stress and anxiety, provide physical activity and healthy lifestyle changes. In addition, interaction with neighbours leads to greater community involvement.  

The Oasis Orb can be installed indoors or outdoors including apartment and hotel lobbies, rooftops and other commercial spaces where a natural peaceful setting or access to fresh produce is desired. Parks and Community Centres are the perfect place for the Oasis Orb to take centre stage as an art piece and supply residents with the bounty of their harvest.

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