Oasis Orb Specifications:


Diameter- 8’ 5 1/4” (101.25″) or 2.57 Metres
Height – 7′ 10 1/8″ (94 1/8”) or 2.39 Metres
Weight – Approximately 600 Lbs or 272 Kg

Materials Used:

Structure: Specialty outdoor rated smooth finished plywood
Edge Bands: Aluminum faced panel with many colour options
Fasteners: Stainless steel and Zinc coated
Seats: Sunbrella fabrics for cushions and backrests

Installation Requirements:

The Oasis Orb may be installed on a wooden deck or a concrete patio.

Wood Deck Installation:
The deck must be a minimum of 10’ wide X 10” in length. The Orb will be fastened to the deck surface with lag bolts. Depending on the material used to surface the deck it may be necessary to provide additional structural components to adequately anchor the Orb to the deck structure.

Concrete Installation:
The concrete slab may be formed to any shape as suited by the landscape design. As a minimum the slab may be round with a diameter of 6’ with a thickness of 4”. The Orb will be fastened to the slab using concrete anchors.

The Oasis Orb will be delivered to your site fully assembled and ready to install. Installation time will vary depending on the unique layout of your site however a typical installation can be completed within 2-3 hours.


You can select your choice of colours to best suit the environment and style of your site.

You can choose the colour and finish texture for the structure of the Orb. The edges and intersections of panels are coated with a high quality silicone to provide a moisture seal. The Orb is then painted with 2 coats of primer and two coats of your chosen colour.

Edge Bands:
The edge bands are available in a wide choice of colour and surface finishes. See colour samples for more information.

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