Q. Do I need a building permit to install an Oasis Orb?

A. No. In most cases the Oasis Orb is smaller than the minimum size of structure that requires a building permit. Since building codes and special requirements may vary in some regions, it is recommended that you inquire with your local municipality to ensure are all requirements are met.

Q. What material is the Oasis Orb made from?

A. The Oasis Orb is constructed from a specialty exterior grade plywood with a high-quality fiber surface saturated with phenolic resins. The plywood below the outer face is smooth, clear and free of patches, providing a smooth surface ideal for painting. This type of plywood is water-proof and weather-resistant. When applied with exterior grade primer and paint, this product holds up much better than regular plywood.

Q. What material are the fasteners made from?

A. The fasteners are made from stainless steel or zinc coated steel to prevent corrosion.

Q. How long will the Oasis Orb last?

A. The lifespan of the Oasis Orb will be determined by its environment and how well it is cared for. By performing annual maintenance to seal the wood surfaces in outdoor applications, you could expect it to last more than 10 years. Lifespan for interior applications would be equivalent to any well cared for furniture.

Q. What maintenance is required for the Oasis Orb?

A. It is suggested to annually inspect and seal any areas of the wooden structure where your paint or stain may be cracking or pealing. By applying a fresh coat to effected areas you can ensure that water does not penetrate and begin deterioration of the wood. It is also suggested to provide a frequent general cleaning to ensure there is no buildup of soil, leaves, or other debris which could entrap moisture.

Q. How many people can sit inside the Oasis Orb?

A. Four people can sit inside the Oasis Orb.

Q. What accessories are optionally purchased with the Oasis Orb?

A. Custom backrest and seat cushions are available as well as an LED lighting package.


Q. Are there any special considerations for installing my Oasis Orb in a windy location?
A. If your location can potentially experience high winds, it is recommended that you install and anchor the Oasis Orb on a deck surface that is a minimum size of 8 feet square.


Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. Upon completion of a purchase agreement, you can provide the deposit payment in the form of cash, cheque, or e-transfer.


Q. How long will it take before my order is shipped?

A. The Oasis Orb is produced to suit your order and will ship in approximately 5-6 weeks.

Q. How long will it take to ship my order?

A. Depending on your location, shipping time may be 1 to 6 weeks.

Q. Can I pick up my Oasis Orb to save shipping costs?

A. Yes, arrangements can be made for you to pick up your Oasis Orb.

Q. What type of vehicle do I need to pick-up my Oasis Orb?

A. You will need a vehicle and a flatbed trailer.A trailer such as one capable of carrying two snowmobiles would be suitable.

Q. What regions do you ship to?

A. At present we are shipping in areas of Eastern Ontario. Contact us to inquire about your location.

Q. How much does the Oasis Orb Weigh?

A. Approximately 600 Lbs.

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