Building quality products for a better lifestyle

Alternative Designs is the creator, manufacturer and distributor of the Oasis Orb, a beautiful and customizable spherical structure designed to be a unique gardening and relaxation space. Established in 1994, the company was founded by Gary Baker, a passionate mechanical and industrial designer who believes in the importance of making time for ourselves and being in the presence of nature.

About the creator, Gary Baker

Gary brings over 30 years of experience to the table as a licensed machinist, industrial designer and mechanical design consultant. He’s worked for several companies manufacturing custom components for a wide range of applications including lasers, fibre optics and high performance sports vehicles. Throughout this time, Gary has had the opportunity to build a wide range of products from custom tools to automated manufacturing systems. Although much of his work has been highly technical and requiring great precision, Gary enjoys the opportunity to be creative in order to bring elegance and beauty into a design.

A few of his most interesting projects include design and fabrication of equipment for neutron radiography used to test aircraft turbine blades, creating an automation system for the nondestructive scanning of aircraft wings and developing specialized tuning forks to be presented to the winners of the Grammy awards.


Relaxing and connecting with nature

For many years, Gary has made a point of incorporating meditation and relaxation into his daily life. A big part of that involves immersing himself in nature. His development of the Oasis Orb makes it possible for residential and commercial property owners everywhere to slip away into a beautiful, nature-rich sanctuary for the promotion of better health, mindfulness and happiness.


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